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                   DANGEROUS LIFESTYLES                        
              Complete airboat $19,950.00 with your engine

CUSTOM SLEDS-BUILT TO YOUR SPECS -Sleds run ON TOP of the water-much like a ski. You can drive ANY airboat once you have mastered a sled.
We AIRCRAFT RIVET our hulls and poly on. With this system we can use a much lighter gage of aluminum. No stress cracks where your hull is welded. This same system is used with  aircraft for lightness and strength.

All Aircraft Riveted 6061 T6 .090 or .125 TO .190 

We use different gages of aluminum depending on the HP you choose and how you will use your new airboat.

We guarentee our boats to run dry when you follow our specs for your engine.We guarentee our boats against porpoise, plowing.  Deep Water or Saltwater Available.

Will Build Hulls to Turn keyFull Boats- buy the piece you need.
Custom built to satisfy the future owners taste. Give our staff a few minutes of your time and they can customize your airboat just for you.

Sleds are for ANY type of water, a fully enclosed deck is a BIG safety factor when in deep water. Any water coming over the edge would take an open decked boat to the bottom. With a fully enclosed airboat the water washes off and Lighter is Better. Our hulls starting weight 220 lb to 240 lb. 6061 T6 aluminum. All aircraft riveted hull with 5 strong stringers, and our decks do not "POP"!

If your are running in 50' of water or the dry ground, 20' tall sawgrass of the Florida Everglades or at the airboat races, a Scorpion airboat will give you all of this plus many years of service.

12' x 7'3" Airboat Hull -- 18 gal. tank -- grass rake 6061 T 6 -- .090 $5,500.00

We have extras, what every you can dream up! Things like what type of trailer, carpet, chrome deck lids, lighters, frog chutes, flounder bars, stainless cages .